Lemon meringue mochi icecream 🍡🍦

Lemon meringue mochi ice cream, sweet and chewy mochi exterior. Inside hides a light and fluffy lemon meringue ice cream core with lemon curd and meringue pieces. This is not a healthy dish but it’s good to treat yourself once in a while.

(cooking time: 3 hours)


Lemon meringue icecream 

  • 600g Double cream
  • 300g Light condensed milk
  • Homemade lemon curd
  • 1 tablespoon of vanilla extract
  • Homemade meringue or shop-bought

Mochiko dough

  • 80 grams of mochiko (sweet glutinous rice flour)
  • 50g sugar
  • 100ml of water
  • Corn starch


  1. Prepare the ice cream a day before.
  2. In a bowl, whisk the double cream, condensed milk and vanilla extract.IMG_5627
  3. Gently fold in the meringue pieces and ripple the lemon curd into the ice cream. Freeze for six hours or overnight. IMG_5630
  4. When the ice cream is frozen, shape the ice cream using an ice cream scoop. Place the scoops in cupcake cases, or cupcake tin.IMG_5787
  5. Then, in a clean bowl add the mochiko flour, sugar and water and mix until everything is blended together.IMG_5781
  6. Cover, the bowl with cling film and microwave (@600 w) for two minutes. IMG_5783
  7. While the mochiko is being heated, using a sieve cover a clean baking tray with a generous amount of cornflour.
  8. Once the two minutes are up, stir the mochi dough and microwave again for 35 seconds.
  9. The heated mixture should be glossy and dough-like.IMG_5784
  10. Mix the dough again and turn it out on the cornflour covered baking tray.
  11. Then, sieve a generous amount of cornflour onto the mochiko dough.
  12. Use your fingers or a rolling pin to lightly press down the dough into an even rectangle. And keep it in the fridge for an hour.IMG_5788
  13. When the mochiko has set, use a pizza cutter to cut the dough into equal squares according to how big the ice cream scoops were. Dust off the excess cornflour and separate the squares with parchment paper.
  14. Place them back in the fridge for another hour.
  15. In a separate cupcake tin, place a piece of cling film and then a mochi square into a well of the cupcake tin.
  16. Gently, press the mochi dough down and quickly add a frozen scoop of ice cream into the well.
  17. Cover the ice cream with the mochi dough and gently pinch the edges so that the ice cream is completely sealed.
  18. Wrap the cling film around it tightly.
  19. Repeat steps 13 and 14, till all the ice cream is covered in mochi and then cling film.
  20. Freeze the mochi ice cream in the cupcake tin for an hour.

And it is finally finished!


Mochi is such a fun and delicious treat for you and your loved ones. You could make these and freeze for as long as you want. Be sure to experiment and change the flavours of the ice cream or even add flavouring to the mochi dough. I hope you enjoyed this recipe if you have any questions feel free to send a message here or on my Instagram page – @nutrishanice.

Thank you for reading foodies x


Lots of love,


Shanice Harris




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